since you left me EP

by cemetery baby

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music can be one hell of a coping mechanism, am i rite???


released December 6, 2015

hannah dee, niki fiorenza



all rights reserved


cemetery baby Cincinnati, Ohio

i'm constantly chasing after my wildest and not so wildest dreams, only to trip on my own shoelaces

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Track Name: since you left me
i am tired
even though you're the one
who's been running through my mind
all these days since you left me
i feel empty
when will i sleep?
Track Name: when i'm let down, i know what i'm capable of
my two greatest fears are myself
and searching for you
in every person that i'll fall in with
there's reason for trepidation
because when i'm let down
i know what i'm capable of
and i know that it's not love

i know that i can hurt myself
i know that i can hurt everyone else
just to feel something as deeply as when you were around
so i'll grab a shovel and dig my own grave
because there's no telling how i might behave
i felt the end of us in my bones
now the only thing i'm left with feeling is alone
because when you left you took everything
i've got no choice
but to start burying
Track Name: weeds and hyacinth
memories of you are like a friend that died
these moments lurk around like a ghost by my side
it hurts to confront them but it's impossible to hide

your voice haunts me like the creaking of a door
this house of words i can't forget begs my mind to explore
but reliving is a painful implication
like the loose nails of a floorboard

this abandonment feels like a labyrinth
i'm suffocated by the uncertainty of weeds and hyacinth
Track Name: we were rotten to the core
you and i were an apple
a sanguine shade of deceit
disguised our inner lies
disguised your true intentions
when i took a bite i became aware that
we were rotten to the core
but i kept biting
i needed more
Track Name: heartbreak is the worst kind of ghost
i could live without
trying to sleep, but being unable to
i really would love to
lay on the moon
staring at the stars
i would go by myself
dig myself a grave
i want to bury
my beacon of existence

my entire life
is it not there anymore?
i don't really know
what happens after we die
my concept of nothing;
complete blackness and no sound
but that is something
i don't really know death
and i don't really know nothing

i am riveting
i am a poem with a pulse
i am the bottom of a swimming pool
i am loading
i'm sorry, too
i have severe faults
i am the world's greatest hopeless romantic
i don't speak
i would take him back in a heartbeat
i am a gigantic bomb
i wear my guts on my sleeve
it's just tissue

heartbreak is the worst kind of ghost
i think about that all the time
a clear vision of my future
ripped out from under me
i can still hear his voice
it's melancholic, but in a beautiful way
i'm going to search for him in everyone
hoping he'll call me
i will love him until the day i die
and it haunts me